MAPS Membership

How to become a Member of MAPS

Martial Arts organizations that are interested in joining the MAPS group can do so by emailing us below.  We will send you an application for initial MAPS Board approval. A MAPS Certified Board Member will then contact you to schedule an appointment to visit your location(s) for an interview and to observe your classes.

All MAPS Certified Schools are required to follow 5 Key Principles:

Honesty,  Integrity,  Dedication,  Loyalty,  Community

MAPS Certified Members can offer a variety of traditional and non-traditional martial arts to their members.

MAPS honors each Certified Member in their teachings as well as membership transfers.

MAPS Certified Members will be invited to invitation only tournaments, non-profit fundraising and special events.

MAPS Certified Members also conduct joint marketing with social media, publications and more.

If you are interested in joining MAPS, you can send your request for an application to MAPS.

Additional Requirements during the MAPS approval process:

You will also need to include 5 written references from local businesses, members and/or martial arts leaders.

You will provide MAPS with a standard course curriculum outline for your martial arts programs that you teach.

Provide demonstrated documentation on community involvement and service.

At least one visit by a MAPS Certified Board Member to your school will be required.

All information collected from both parties will be kept confidential by way of written agreement.