Play It Safe Defense

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Play It Safe Defense teaches women, teens and children verbal defense and physical defense in a one-session format. This hands-on class can travel to your location; schools, corporate events, Girl & Boy Scout meetings, places of worship, homes, community centers and more.  Play It Safe classes are also offered at our MAPS locations.

Play It Safe Defense Serves the San Diego and Southern California Communities

Quick Facts:
Martial Arts: Practical verbal and physical self-defense in one-session
Programs: Women, teen girls and elementary school age boys and girls
Specialties: Practical and realistic self-defense, full contact for teens and women.
Established: 2003
Owner: Tracie Arlington
Affiliations: MAPS, Women’s Self-Defense Institute, YMCA, Girl & Boy Scouts
Awards: Black-belt in Tae Kwon Do, Certified National Senior Instructor with the Women’s Self Defense Institute, Instructor of the Year: USA Freestyle Martial Arts 2006.